Holiday Traffic

This holiday week has long been known to be the most traveled of the year. As the traffic on the road increases so do the risks of aggressive driving and road rage. Anxiety and frustration can quickly spark an aggressive or careless driver who tailgates, speeds, and fails to yield the right of way, among other behaviors.

Experts recommend the following tips to help avoid road conflicts:

  • Plan your route in advance. Some of the most erratic and inconsiderate driving occurs when motorists are lost.
  • Make conscious decision not to take your problems with you when you are driving.
  • Combat the warning signs of stress by getting fresh air and breathing deeply and slowly. Listen to relaxing music.
  • Before and during a long drive avoid heavy meals which tend to make a person lethargic.
  • Drive in a courteous and considerate manner. Give way at busy intersections and where traffic lanes merge.
  • Don't compete or retaliate. If someone's driving annoys you, don't try to "educate them." Leave traffic enforcement to the police.
  • Don't take other driver's mistakes personally.
  • Avoid honking your horn unless absolutely necessary and, if you must, tap on it lightly.
  • If you are being physically threatened, stay in your vehicle and lock the doors. Use your horns and light to attract attention. Call the police.

Do your part to keep the roads safe so everyone can make it to their holiday destination.