See a Drunk Driver? Call 911

If you see a suspected drunk driver, call 911. Give them the plate #, a description of the vehicle and location.

How do you identify a drunk driver? Watch for the following driving behaviors.

Turning with a wide radius; you may see a driver who swings out wide to make a turn that would otherwise be easily maneuvered.

Straddling center of lane marker - an impaired driver will use the line to help them concentrate on driving straight, not realizing they are driving down the middle of the road.

Appearing to be drunk - hunched over the wheel or leaning to the side.

Almost striking a vehicle or object.

Weaving - you do not have to cross a line to weave. Officers have state they have pulled over a number of drivers who were weaving in their lane.

Driving on other than designated highway; sidewalks, grassy lots, any surface can be viewed as road to someone who is drunk or impaired.


Speed more than 10MPH below limit. It is a common myth that impaired drivers are usually speeding. Most drunk or impaired drivers will actually slow down while they try to concentrate on staying within their lane.

Stopping without cause in the traffic lane; the drunk or impaired driver may stop at an unmarked intersection or at a green light. In their impairment they are being overcautious and are easily confused on when and where to stop.