Truck Stops

Truck stops are a safe place for drivers to stop and rest after a long day on the road. Unfortunately, many preventable accidents happen daily in truck stops. Many drivers are pulling into the truck stop after being on the road for eleven hours. Fatigue is starting to set in and its easy for a driver to start to relax while wrapping up their driving shift. Drivers must remember they are still on duty and must drive defensively until the engine is turned off.

Turn your four ways on until you have parked so others will see you.
Plan ahead and choose a location to park that is easy to get into and easy to exit when it is time to leave.
When driving through the parking lot make sure other drivers and pedestrians make eye contact with you. If they don't make eye contact then they have likely not seen you, making them prime candidates to pull/step out in front of you.
Be careful of pedestrians as drivers bring pets or children with them and may be running in the parking lot.
Get Out And Look (GOAL) while parking and before you pull out.
If you take a 10 hour break do a proper Pre-Trip Inspection before leaving. If you took a short break, do walk around before you leave. You must make sure the truck is safe, in good shape, and your trailer seal is intact.