G.O.A.L. - It's not just for backing up!

Getting Out And Looking around (G.O.A.L.) the truck is essential to safely back the truck up. But it is also essential for a safe and successful trip and you perform it more often than you may realize. For example:

  1. A pre-trip inspection is simply a GOAL that looks at the truck itself to ensure it is mechanically sound to drive.
  2. When you couple a trailer to the tractor you GOAL to ensure the trailer is properly connected to the fifth wheel.
  3. If you run over an object on the road you have to GOAL to inspect the tires, tandems, air lines, and the engine.
  4. If you have a clearance issue in a city you creep up to a log bridge and if needed GOAL to check the height.
  5. Before departing a truck stop you GOAL just to make sure there are no hazards around you.

GOAL isn't just for backing up, it is essential to operating a truck safely in many instances.

How many can you come up with?