Protecting Your Vehicle from Being Rear Ended

There are a number of defensive steps that you can help to protect your vehicle from being rear ended. Even as a great deal of the responsibility falls on the driver behind you, it can help to be a defensive driver by being attentive to the activity behind you. The following tips can help to reduce your risk of a rear impact collision.

  • Always view traffic in front and begin to brake well in advance of a stop. This alerts drivers in the rear that traffic is slowing or stopping and gives them time to react to the situation ahead.
  • Avoid braking abruptly. If you realize that you are about to overlook your turn, it is safer to pass it, turn around and make your turn afterward than to try to punch the brakes and run the risk of being rear ended.
  • Never pull out in front of moving traffic if you believe you could be too close to make it. Wait until you have a large break between cars to go into the traffic.
  • If you're stopped and see a car rapidly approaching you from behind, pump your brakes to flash your brake lights at the driver. This may alert them that they should stop and could prevent them from hitting you.