Managing your space to avoid a rear-end collision

When driving, you must constantly search the area around your vehicle for potential hazards. You're looking at other vehicles and trying to determine what they're doing, what they're about to do and what they may do. Continuously scan your mirrors and surroundings, evaluate the driving environment and execute the necessary changes in response.

Divide the area surrounding your vehicle into six zones:
Left front
Right Front
Left rear
Right rear
Look at your target area. Look at your front, left front and right front zones. Be aware of possible problem areas such as merging lanes, intersections, or driveways. Check your rear zones. Check your front zone again. Check your speed. Repeat. Check each area for a short period of time. Your eyes should be constantly moving.

While scanning, evaluate each zone to determine which ones are open, closed, or changing. The goal is to always leave at least one open zone - leave an out. If you find a zone to be closed or changing, make sure you evaluate other zones for possible closed or changing conditions that might affect the action you wish to execute.

Executing requires that you adjust speed and determine lane position. These decision should be based upon your evaluation. Remember that you will be making these adjustments continuously.
The safest place when driving is the place with fewest vehicles. Try to keep as much space between you and the surrounding vehicles as possible. You should attempt to determine what other drivers are going to do and to leave space to escape if a dangerous situation arises.
Speed control is your best friend when it comes to driving safely. If there is an obstacle in your path, a change in speed should be your first response.

Speed Adjustments:
By controlling your speed, you can control the space between your car and other cars or obstacles. If a car or obstacle moves dangerously close, reduce your speed. Take your foot off the accelerator and cover the brake.

Remember - you are responsible for maintaining control of your vehicle at all times.