Tornado Safety

One of the most important things you can do to prevent being injured in a tornado is to be alert to the onset of severe weather. Most deaths and injuries happen to people who are unaware and uninformed. Those who ignore the weather because of indifference or overconfidence may not perceive the danger. Stay aware and you will stay alive!

If you are in a building seek the lowest level of the building and the smallest enclosed room of that level. If there is a basement, head to there and stay away from the windows. If no basement is available, bathrooms, interior closets, or interior hallways are the best places to be.

If you are driving and there is a tornado watch, be alert to the possibility and pull over to a safe, legal place if needed. If there is a tornado warning in your are and it is safe to do so, pull over to a safe, legal place until the threat is over. If you see a tornado, do not try to drive out of it. Pull off the road and get out of your vehicle and into a low ditch.